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Algemene info G20 Hamburg

Hieronder een flyertje – in het Engels – met allerlei informatie over de komende protesten tegen de G20-top in Hamburg, komende zomer.

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(Zie voor eerdere berichten over de G20-protesten op deze tag)

Some general info on the coming G20-summit and – protests

The G20 summit is going to be held (well, that is the plan…) on Friday July 7 and Saturday July 8 in the center of Hamburg. The Messe-halle there is a huge complex for fairs and exhibitions. It lies in between of several parts of town (Karolinenviertel, Schanzenviertel, St Pauli) with a large history of activism, squatting and resistance against gentrification etc. The guests for the summit – apart from the so called leaders themselves there are in total more than 7.000 persons involved – will have to be pushed through these neighborhoods from the hotels where they are staying (some of the most mighty might be flown in by helicopter). It will be a big mess indeed.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators will come to protest this circus and their directors and clowns. Different organizations, umbrella’s and networks are planning different initiatives. A short overview:

*) Big NGO’s are planning some kind of symbolic protest in the weekend before the summit (apparently to not be associated with the more explicit political protests later in the week).
Sunday July 2 Ratshausmarkt Hamburg 12:00

*) Camps will open, places to be announced (there is still hassle with authorities about which places they will be allowed)
Anti-capitalist Camp:
Other not explicitly anti-capitalist camp:

*) Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 counter summit at Kampnagel (requested)

*) Thursday 6 in the evening: Wellcome to Hell G20 welcomming demonstration
Starts at 16:00 St.Pauli-Fischmarkt, form 19:00 march starts direction Messe

*) Friday 7: first day of summit:
Blockades at the red zone

Actions in the Harbor

And many more that day (decentral actions, critical mass…)

*) Saturday 8: second day of summit
Big Demonstration (11.00, place tba)

Other information

General Call:

G20 Hamburg
Legal Aid:
Security zones:

Collected news on G20 for Dutch: