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Slides of the RWE/CREA pogram on the Commons

On November 12th our program at CREA dealt with The Commons. Or as it should be more correctly called: Common Pool Resources. Here are the links to the slides that were shown.

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Alexander Beunder explained in 20 minutes the ideas an theories of Elinor Ostrom, the main economist dealing with this issue. A Dutch version of his talk can be found here. His slides here.


Second was Miguel Laborda-Pemán, from the institute at the University of Utrecht that studies the history of the Commons. he gave many interesting details, also of the specific Dutch tradition with commons. (Slides)


Third were Elke and Ernst, both involved in the project called De Meent (the old Dutch word for ‘common’), trying to get the discussion going on a pilot in the centre of Amsterdam. (somehow the slides won’t upload, but the website of the project is here)


There was an interesting discussion after the three introductions, but that wasn’t registered this time.