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RWE/CREA on (de)Growth

On February 20 the issue to present and debate in the Real World Economics program at CREA was that of growth and degrowth. Here are the powerpoints presented that evening.

1 min leestijd

The evening started with some ‘facts and figures’ by Rodrigo Fernandez on the development of the growth (of GDP) and the effects. Powerpoint Rodrigo

The main introduction was done by Willem Hoogendijk, who sketched the main developments in economic thought on growth and degrowth, with the economist Binswanger as one of the main protagoinsts of degrowth. Powerpoint Willem Hoogendijk

Lou Keune was asked to give an expose on the problems of the current mainstream indicator (GDP) and alternatives Powerpoint Lou Keune

Martijn van der Linden then gave insight in the consequences of an economy not based on constant growth Powerpoint Martijn van der Linden