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Wat te doen?: Artistiek seminar over utopisch communisme in Amsterdam

Onder de titel “Where has Communism Gone” wordt in SMART Project Space in Amsterdam volgende week (2/3 februari) een seminar georganiseerd door de Russische groep Chto Delat (Wat te doen?). De groep bestaat uit kunstenaars, filosofen en schrijvers. Ook is er een door hen ingerichte tentoonstelling die tot 13 maart te zien is, en draaien er in februari bijzondere films en documentaires in de filmzaal van smart.

2 min leestijd


Onderdeel van het seminar is de opvoering van het ‘leerspel’ ‘Play for Learning’ waarin het huidige politieke klimaat onderzocht wordt en de mogelijkheden voor utopische ontwikkelingen.

Uit het persbericht:

Where has Communism gone? This question refers, firstly, to the Russian revolutionary writer Andrey Platonov. It was the hero of this novel “Chevengur”, who suddenly awoke from a dream in the middle of the night asking where has socialism gone and searched for it as if it were an object, a thing which supposedly belonged to him. Socialism or communism is thus a matter of desire, and this kind of desire, as Fredric Jameson says, hasn’t yet found its Freud or Lacan. By posing the question about communism, we aim to explore the nature of this political desire, which, in spite of the fall of what is referred to as “real socialism” or “communist regimes”, is still persistent, at least in the field of contemporary theory and arts.

We invite you to join us, to think, discuss and live through these issues at our seminar and to imagine what you could bring to the representation of our debate and live together for two days through form and finally the staging of a Learning Play.

All interested please apply with your motivation to Dmitry Vilensky – or Smart Project Space, Una Henry,

seminar: Where has Communism Gone? Programma in Smart