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Ma 28: CREA (A’dam) over crisis en Euro

Komende maandag (28 februari) in de Real World Economics- serie bij CREA in Amsterdam gaat het over de crisis in de EU en de controversiele geschiedenis (en toekomst) van de Euro. Zie in het engels – ook de voertaal op de avond – hieronder verder.

2 min leestijd
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Real World Economics – The controversial past and future of the euro

Organised by Real World Economics and CREA Debate.

The global economic crisis is far from over. What started with pure conjunctures in early 2010 eventually led to the collapse of Greece and Ireland, two EU member states that have been cut off from financial markets once interest rates skyrocketed. They now depend on ad hoc funding mechanisms provided by the EU and the IMF, under harsh conditions with regard to reducing public spending and government debts. Portugal, Spain, and perhaps Belgium, might be next in line. Whereas previous crisis responses in Europe focused on stabilizing the financial sector, the stabilization of state finances through austerity programs now takes centre-stage. This Real World Economics session discusses the past and the future of the euro. What were the academic and political debates in the 1990s before the launch of the euro? What can we conclude 10 years after the start of this European project? And what are the potential long-term geopolitical consequences of the euro crisis? With dr. Jasper Blom, co-author of The credit crunch: a political-economical perspective (AUP, 2010) and dr. James Sidaway, professor Political geography (AISSR/UvA). English spoken.

Location: CREA Theater
Admission: students free, € 5,- all others
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