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M31: Acties tegen crisis en kapitalisme

M31: 31 Maart Internationale actiedag tegen crisis en kapitalisme. Met overal in Europa acties en demonstraties. In Nederland, zoals aangekondigd op billboards in het hele land, is dat in Utrecht (14:00 station Overvecht) met als afsluiting infomarkt en openbaar debat over verdergaande stappen. Meer informatie hieronder in het Engels.

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M31 – What’s going on?! Last updated: March 30, 2012 On March 31st, there will be M31 demonstrations and interventions in many European cities. This list will be updated daily. For a complete list of M31 groups, check here. M31 groups will build a political platform beyond March 31st. Stay tuned.


There’s a prep meeting on March 29th. For M31, a network of initiatives has arranged a four-hour manifestation, teach-in and cultural happening at the MuseumsQuartier, downtown Vienna (from 2 pm). At 6 pm, they’re turning this into a rave, right on the spot. Check here for updates.


M31 collective and MASA in Zagreb have set the date and motto for their demonstration: „Together against Capitalism“ – 2 pm at Park Zrinjevac. In the run-up, there will be a public discussion with activists, journalists, workers and students from Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia. Allegedly “tons” of posters, flyers and banners are being produced and distributed right now. Check the video manifesto.


France, France, what about France!?! Still no definitive… Oui! – CNT-F in Besancon and groups in Bayonne (including an anti-capitalist ATTAC of the Basque country) have endorsed M31 and are staging rallies in support. Allons camarades!

  • 31.03. | Besancon | Pont Battant | 2-5pm | rally
  • 31.03. | Bayonne | Main Station | 20:30 | rally & demonstration


On M31, here will be a demonstration in Frankfurt, leading, among others, to the European Central Bank (ECB). Extensive info at


Every Wednesday, there’s an open meeting on M31 at the Printers’ Union in Athens. March 30th, there will be a public discussion on perspectives of a common struggle in Europe. The M31 demonstration will lead to the EU Offices in the Greek capital. Its motto: “We don’t want to reform capitalism, but get rid of it.“ Here’s the facebook-event. Grassroots unions have joined M31 (1) (2).

Comrades of ESE and AK Thessaloniki have announced a second M31 demonstration in Greece, under the motto „Don’t Blame the Crisis, blame Capitalism“ (more or less…). The demo will start at 12 at Kamara and will lead to Rotunda, for a solidarity meeting with undocumented migrants. Sans Papiers are coming under increasing pressure, with police sweeps and a large scale detention center to be opened.


M31 interventions in Bologna and Modena.


For March 31st, the Dutch network has prepared a demonstration and public assembly in Utrecht (2pm, Overvecht Station). In the run-up, there will be public discussions in Amsterdam, Tilburg and Groningen. Check our homepage for dates and locations.


The demonstration of ZSP in Warsaw on March 31st is not officially affiliated with M31. But our hearts are with you!

  • 31.03. | Warsaw | Plac Zamkowy | 1 pm | demonstration (8pm concert)


The social center Es.Col.A of Porto affiliates with M31 in their struggle against eviction. Here’s more. There will be a weekend of events and interventions March 30th-April 1st. Other initiatives tba. AIT-SP will hold a rally in Lissabon at Praça do Chile (3 pm) .


Autonomous Action have organized a demonstrationi in Ufa! Not directly affiliated with M31, the rally of KRAS and others speaks out against austerity measures and neoliberal labour reform.

  • 31.03. | Ufa| Lights of Ufa | 4:30-6 pm | demonstration
  • 31.03. | Moscow | Metro Station „Uliza 1905”| 3-4:30 pm | rally


On March 23rd, M31-member FAO will host an open assembly in Ljubljana. On March 31st, there will be protest actions around different Slovenian cities: “We decided to focus our activities on locally important issues of repression against syndicalist militants. More broadly, we will also promote self-organization and direct action in the struggle against capitalist crises.“

  • 31.03. | Ljubljana and other cities | protest actions


M31-member CNT has called for a national strike on March 29th, spicing up regional initiatives and a rather tame call for protests by mainstram unions. CNT is gaining a lot of support for their initiative. On M31, there will be meetings and demonstrations in Toledo, Aranjuez, Castro Urdiales and Badajoz. Grupo Libertario Acción Directa organized a day of debate in Madrid, „taking apart capitalism and the state”. In the Basque Country, anarchist EHKL has also announced a rally.


On March 31st, there will be a demonstration in Kiev leading to the Employers’ Association and to the Department of Education. M31-Member Autonomous Workers’ Union, Direct Action and anti-authoritarian communist Left Opposition will march together with student unions, antifascist groups and others. Here’s their clip.

  • 31.03. | Kiev | … | 12:00 | demonstration


For March 31st, Solidarity Federation and others are staging their own Day of Action against governmental workfare schemes, with direct actions in different cities. SolFed is responding to a call by the IWA. Some local initiatives have been endorsing M31. Check their site for background info. Here’s the site of the Boykott Workfare campaign. Authoritarian labor reform is an issue we’ll also have to deal with one way or another. Go kick some butt, comrades!


“In solidarity with the European call for anti-capitalist action on M31 (, Class War Camp [of Occupy Wall Street] is calling for a mass gathering of anti-capitalists of all stripes and kinds to discuss strategy, and network for the ongoing global revolution. Only if we know each other can we help one another!” Thanks comrades in the City!