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Crisisdemo’s Brussel en Londen

Nadat afgelopen woensdag de Portugese regering viel over het afwijzen van z’n bezuinigingsprogramma (op straat enin het parlement) werd er in Brussel heftig tegen het EU-crisibeleid gedemonstreerd, en gaat zaterdag London massaal plat.

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Voor Portugal zie oa. eerder bericht op Globalinfo en  Filmpje Stukje van Indymedia UK (die het waarschijnlijk weer ergens anders van gekopieerd heeft, maar geen bron vermeldt).

Vakbonds-protesten buiten EU-top in Brussel tegen crisismaatregelen die in het hele contintent worden opgelegd lopen uit op geweld op donderdag 24 maart, als relpolitie demonstranten die met stenen gooien te lijf gaat met waterkanonnen en pepper spray.

Vanwege de vrees voor geweld vlogen helikopters boven het conferentiegebied en patrouilleerden honderden politie-agenten in de hele hoofdstad en was zwaar materieel, waaronder waterkanonnen, vlakbij de hoofdkantoren van de EU gesplaatst.

Vier verschillende demonstraties trokken door de Europese hoofdstad, met in totaal zo’n 20.000 arbeiders, volgens de organisatoren en kwamen bijeen bij de plek waar de Europese premiers en presidenten vergaderden.

20.000 arbeiders demonstreerden tegen een pakket aan economische hervormingen dat volgens de vakbondsleden veel te veel liefde aan ondernemingen betuigt. Ze riepen leuzen en bliezen op fluitjes terwijl belangrijke wegen in het centrum van brussel geblokkeerd werden. Het geweld barstte los toen enkele tientallen rood geklede leden van de Belgische socialistische vakbond FGTB probeerden om door de politieversperringen te breken en objecten naar de politie gooiden.

Meer daarover. Duits:

En filmpje solidariteit met Griekenland in EU-parlement (The protest came after a group of demonstrators invaded an event in the European Parliament on Wednesday evening where the Greek culture minister was speaking).

Over de protesten in Londen van zaterdag 26 maart: een mooi overzicht is hier te vinden: Freedom March 26th Action Map

A – Education Bloc feeder march ULU, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY, 10am Directions Called by London Student Assembly What began as a simple bloc has turned into a full blown feeder march due to the massive positive response. Get there early for a pre-demo breakfast. In terms of energy and imagination definitely the place to be.

B – South London feeder march Kennington Park, London SE11 4AU, 10.30am Directions Called by Lambeth SOS Southwark SOS Lewisham Anti-Cuts Alliance Along with the education feeder march, it will be the biggest ‘unofficial’ bloc on the demonstration. South London is being hit particularly hard by the Tories cuts and the increasing anger and resentment is being turned into effective local action. Destined to be one of the most passionate and vocal blocs on the march.

C – TUC march start point Victoria Embankment, Assemble 11am Forming up between Waterloo Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge. The large numbers expected mean there is certain to be an extended wait until it is allowed to move off.

D – TUC Rally Hyde Park, advertised to begin at 1.30pm and go on until 4.30pm. In addition to the stage and giant screens, there will be refreshment facilities and extra toilets. As well as private security. Ed Miliband, New Labour leader and ’same cuts but slower’ doctrine will be speaking. A robust response to Miliband’s politicking is expected.

E – Occupy For the Alternative Oxford Street, 2pm UK Uncut. A massive simultaneous shut down of banks and tax dodgers on London’s Oxford Street – flash mobs, bail-ins and occupations along the length of Europe’s biggest shopping street. Then at 3.30pm there will be a massive final convergence, ready for a spectacular mass occupation of a secret target.

F – Pink and Black Bloc meet up Soho Square, London W1D, 10am Called by Queer Resistance Queer Resistance is a group of queers and allies from across the UK who have come together to fight the cuts! They want to march in solidarity with other anti cuts groups and ensure a visible queer presence and invite people from across the lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer (LGBTQ) communities as well as friends and allies to join with them. More info: Pink and Black bloc facebook page

G – Freedom Bookshop Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High St, london E1 7QX Directions The oldest anarchist publishing house in the UK, the longest running anarchist newspaper and one of the few remaining political bookshops in the country.

H – Dissident feeder march Cable Street, E1, 11am From the East End to the action taking back the city streets en route to revolution departure points on the way.


Radical Workers’ Bloc Called by South London Solidarity Federation Anarchist Federation It will form part of the South London feeder march from Kennington Park (see above) and probably the biggest and most visible anarchist presence on the demo.

Militant Workers Bloc on the Education bloc feeder march Called by London anarchists Join us on the Education Bloc FOLLOW THE SOUNDSYSTEMS // AVOID THE KETTLE // OCCUPY OXFORD STREET 2pm // They have over 150 red and black flags to hand out, banners and noise! More info: Militant Workers Bloc facebook page

Anarchist Bloc on the Education bloc feeder march Promoted by Anarchist Federation Anarchist Federation (London) will be joining with radical students on the Education Bloc feeder march, at ULU (See above). They are asking people to bring red and black anarchist flags and banners. More info here:

Pink and Black Bloc Soho Square, London W1D, 10am Called by Queer Resistance Queer Resistance is a group of queers and allies from across the UK who have come together to fight the cuts! They want to march in solidarity with other anti cuts groups and ensure a visible queer presence and invite people from across the lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer (LGBTQ) communities as well as friends and allies to join with them. More info: Pink and Black bloc facebook page

Buggy Bloc Victoria Embankment Gardens, 10am Meandering from Embankment to Hyde Park. Babies and buggy boarders, spread the word… kids against cuts being seen and heard! Joining the myriads to oppose the squandering of our future More info: Buggy bloc facebook page

Women’s Bloc Cleopatra’s Needle, 10am Supported by Women Against the Cuts Southall Black Sisters Million Women Rise Eaves Housing for Women London Feminist Network Calling on all women to stand in solidarity together against the cuts that will affect the most vulnerable in our society the most. Come dressed in purple and green with pots and pans or anything else to make a lot of noise! There will be a direct action following the march, with more details to be announced soon. More info: Women’s Bloc facebook page

The Bigger Society Soundsystem Playing the soundtrack to the day – chosen by you. It’s our revolution and we’re dancing to it. More info: The Bigger Society Soundsystem facebook page

Black Bloc Not a group but a tactic whereupon individuals come together wearing all black attire for maximum anonymity. Key elements are: collective action and mobility. A facebook page has been created declaring “meeting point will probably be outside one of the stations near victoria embankment like temple station precise details will be given nearer the time”. You have been warned.

Book and Black Bloc More info: Book and Black bloc facebook page


Legal Observers Not technically a bloc but there will be hundreds of legal observers from the radical movement present on the march to document the unlawful behaviour of the police and help protesters with legal advice (including handing out bust cards). These are committed political activists and unlike the Liberty police-sanctioned observers are not in collusion with state agencies. Legal Defence Monitoring Group Green and Black Cross FITwatch – monitoring police surveillance tactics on demonstrations

FITwatch flashmob Flashmob! – block FIT cameras from taking your own photo (entirely legal) or other’s photos (more dubious legality) using banners/flags/placards/newspapers and get noisy – bring over soundsystems, horns, whistles or just get gobby. More info: FITwatch flashmob facebook page

IWW autonomous rally Called by London IWW Directions Park Lane fountain, Hyde Park, 3.30pm Deliberately timed so that people can attend as many as possible of the various other actions going on during the anti-cuts protests on March 26th. IWW called this rally as a means of bringing together like-minded groups, campaigns and individuals to advocate militancy in the present class war and a new future to be built on principles of solidarity, direct democracy and equality. More info: IWW autonomous rally facebook page

Shut Down London Coordinated roving flash mobs promising to “stop traffic, run wild, make as much noise, get as much publicity”. More info: Shut Down London facebook page

Network X A national network of activists and radicals formed out of the Manchester gathering in January. Yet to promote their actions, activities for the day although they do say legal advice, food and shelter will be available.

Resist26 An umbrella network (and brainchild of arch prankster and academic eccentric Chris Knight) for various events and activities and media spectacles planned throughout the day, including the mass occupation of Hyde Park Stay 4 One Day. Visit the website for the full list of actions.

March 26th Convergence Space March 26th Freedom newspaper protest special March 26th Tactical briefing what the cops are up to March 26th Legal stuff March 26th Radical Workers’ Bloc