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10 feb Delft: Benefiet voor Griekse stakers

Griekse arbeiders van een staalbedrijf hebben het bedrijf bezet nadat ze ontslagen dreigden te worden. In delft wordt een benefietfeest voor hen gehouden. Details, in het Engels, staat hieronder te lezen.

3 min leestijd


On October, even though the annually steel production almost doubled last year, the management of Greek Steelworks SA decided to cut down salaries and dismiss many workers using the crisis as an excuse. «On the 17th of October, our boss was clear: 5 hours a day and 40% salary reduction». Two days later, after a general assembly of 280 attendees the workers’ response was «If you proceed, we will go on strike». On the 31st of October and only 5 minutes before 3 in the afternoon, the first dismissal was delivered to a workers’ house, followed by another 18 in the same evening. Within one hour of the first dismissal, the workers had closed down the factory, went on strike and after 26 days, they were heard around the world.

Now, 3 months later and after a series of dismissals and blackmailing by the employer, they continue their struggle receiving support  from individuals, groups, unions, federations and associations of workers worldwide. At the same time that Greek people are forced into mass unemployment, poverty and exploitation by the harsh austerity policies of the IMF and the EU, the Steelworkers raise their voice for their own rights and for the rights of all people.  For them it’s a matter of dignity and survival.

The struggle of the Steelworkers is not seeking and is not getting any support from trade-union confederations or government officials. In the past three months, they keep on fighting with their own will and with the solidarity and the financial support of the people.

filmpje van de staking:


Their struggle is our struggle. Their victory will be a victory for everyone that wants a just society that offers everybody the right to work, to live decently and in dignity, a society that is determined by the needs of the people. As a small solidarity action, we made this call to meet, show our solidarity and collect some financial support for the strikers.
The message of the strikers is clear: «It is either us, or them». Let’s join them in shouting the answer, even purely symbolically and from 3,000 km away.

We invited you on Friday, 10 February in Delft, at the Grand Cafe Verderop to support our common struggle for justice. The solidarity event will begin at 21:00 with a 10 min documentary on the strike and a short discussion for it and its meaning for the Greek society. At 22:00, the party begins. All proceeds from the party (also wardrobe proceeds) will be given as financial support to the workers on strike. Your participation matters.

Friday 10 February @ 21.00

Delft, Netherlands

Facebook Event :

Please invite all your friends.

Hope to see you all there.