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RWE May 27- Why flexibility does not work

Flexible employment is in the core of labour market policies across Europe. The Netherlands has been a pioneer in flexible employment since the beginning of the 1990’s. The Dutch government wants to go one step further by deregulating lay offs.

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During the ongoing economic crisis, flexibilization of the labour market is seen as a way to produce growth. Labour would become cheaper and economic growth will follow. The claims of neoliberal economists and policy makers are challenged by reality and by critical social scientists. Tonight we bring together researchers and activists that voice criticism to the flexibilization policies from different perspectives.

Catelene Passchier (vice-president of FNV and legal expert), Dimitris Pavlopoulos (labour market researcher, RWE and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). Fey Bellisario (activist Filipino Domestic workers union).

CREA Theater
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