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Audio-files and pictures RWE/CREA 7 May

On Monday May 7th the monthly Real World Economics-program was about the Fiscal Compact that the Eurozon-countries agreed to in March and will have far reaching consequences.

1 min leestijd

(For more info, see: “RWE/CREA 7 mei over begrotingspact EU

1. Introduction by Angela Wigger (Real World Economics)

kennethresize2. Speech by Kenneth Haar (Corproate Europe Observatory)

(part 1) and (part 2)

One of the articles on the subject Kenneth Wrote is 10 Things You need to Know about the Fiscal Compact


3. Speech by Andy Storey (University College Dublin) His slides andyresize


vliegresize4. Speech by Arjan Vliegenthart (Senator of the SP)


5. Kees Hudig on Blockupy Frankfurt (Real World Economics)


The first clip shown, mobilizing for the Frankfurt Protests, was this one:

6. Julie de los Reyes on action at Irish embassies (Trans National Institute)


Audio on floor discussion will be added soon


The final clip shown: