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April 16 RWE/CREA Europe in Crisis and the BRICs Rising?

While the epicentre of the global economic crisis has shifted towards Europe where economic recession is worsening by the day, China and the other BRIC countries have generally been argued to come out of the global economic and financial crisis remarkably well. European leaders recently turned to individual BRIC countries begging them to invest in the European Financial Stability Fund (EFSF) meant to bail out the indebted Southern Eurozone members. (Dutch version:

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This is only one of the many instances that has fuelled speculations that the centre of gravity is increasingly shifting towards a new configuration of economic powers – the BRIC quartet: China has become the world’s biggest commodity exporter and has accumulated vast foreign exchange reserves; India’s strength lies in the software industry and business services; Russia thrives on oil and gas and Brazil on agricultural and natural resource exports and manufacturing.

This Real World Economics evenings is devoted to understanding the rapidly changing global economic order and the growth trajectories of the BRIC countries. Moreover, how have the export oriented industries of the BRIC countries been affected by the global economic crisis and how are they copying with it? Will the burgeoning middle-class lead to sufficient demand at home when imports from Europe, their major trading partner, decline as a result of the recession?

With Kees van der Pijl (Professor of International Relations at the University of Sussex), Henk Overbeek (Professor Global Political Economy at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), and Uwe Becker (Associate Professor of Political Science at the Uni­­versity of Amster­dam). Moderated by Sol Trumbo (Real World Economics).

Location: CREA Theater.

Admission: students free, others € 5,-.

No reservations.