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TTIP: What is the real Story?

Critical Collective

This event is organized in the context of Global Week of Action against Free Trade Agreements.

For almost 2 years now the US and EU are secretly negotiating what may be largest free trade agreement we have witnessed: the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

TTIP is hardly covered in mainstream media and due to secrecy not a lot is known about it. But the information we do have, acquired through leaks and freedom of information legislation, has lead experts to draw shocking conclusions:

TTIP means a race to the bottom in terms of health standards and labor rights, it means loss of privacy, loss of digital rights and an outright betrayal of democracy in the service of a small corporate elite.

In this edition of What’s the Real Story we ask:
– What is the content of the treaty? Who has access to it and and who doesn’t?
– Why is everything being negotiated behind closed doors?
– What are the interests benefiting from treaties like TTIP, TPP, CETA and TiSA?
– What is the broader context of these so-called Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)?

These questions and more will be addressed by investigative journalists Sophia Beunder and Jilles Mast.

Sophia Beunder is currently conducting research on the effects of TTIP on environmental legislation.
Jilles Mast is working on a report detailing the role of lobby organizations in the TTIP negotiations.

Both speakers are involved in research on TTIP with the Platform for Authentic Journalism ( and have contributed to the report “Feiten of Fabels – 7 claims over TTIP”.

Join us for insightful lectures and a critical discussion.

Registration is not required, entrance is free.

Location: International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)
Address: Kortenaerkade 12, The Hague
Room: Aula B
Date: Monday, April 13th 2015.
Time: 6:45 pm

We hope to see you on the 13th!

This event is organized in the context of International Week of Action against TTIP, TiSA and CETA (Monday April 13th – Saturday, April 18th)

The event is co-organized by:
* The International Relations Committee of the ISS
* The Environmental Committiee of the ISS &
* Platform for Authentic Journalism –

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