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CANCELLED ! (De)politicization of climate debate


his presentat(English spoken) Presentation by Joanna Cabello (activist/resaercher at the World Rainforest Movement): A ‘carbon neutral´ economy: strategies to (de)politicize the climate debate

More and more people, movements, NGOs and groups are calling for a global economy of ¨zero emissions¨; an economy that is ¨carbon neutral¨; a new ¨green deal¨ for nature. They call upon their governments to make stronger commitments to halt climate change, stop deforestation and prevent further biodiversity loss. They also demand corporate and financial actors to do the same. All of this sounds appealing.

But what does a ¨carbon neutral¨ or ¨zero emissions¨ economy actually mean? What are the strategies and interests behind these wordings? And most importantly, what are the implications of common people and movements’ demands? What are these demands really standing for and who is benefiting and loosing from them?

It is a crucial moment for reflection: How can we best contribute –and not obstruct- to the transition towards a real change in today’s destructive economy? And how can we strengthen our solidarity with movements around the world?

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Presentatie:    Joanna Cabelo (World Rainforest Movement – )
Plaats:            Boekenwinkel Opstand, Beatrijsstraat 12, Den Haag ( )
Dag:               Zaterdag 14 maart 2020
Tijd:                19:30 – 21:30 uur (zaal open vanaf 19 uur)
Org.:              Haagse Mug (

Route (OV):
– Vanaf station CS en HS met tram 9 (richting Vrederust). Uitstappen bij halte Anna Bijnsstraat, Dan 2 minuten lopen.
– Vanaf station HS met bus 26 (richting Kijkduin). Uitstappen bij halte Melis Stokelaan. Dan 2-3 minuten lopen.

De Haagse Mug verzorgt lezingen in Den Haag over financiële, sociaal-economische en andere thema’s. We hopen dat het prikkelt tot discussie, activering en versterking van netwerken in de stad.


Zaal open om 19 uur