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Aftermath of Ayotzinapa drama

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Last summer the disappearance of 43 students shook Mexican society to its core and shocked people across the world. Mexico has been plagued by political and drug-related violence for a long time, but the Ayotzinapa drama is considered to be an all-time low. Yet, the aftermath of this drama suggests some hope for the future, since it provoked the largest political crisis in contemporary Mexico and gave rise to a powerful social movement demanding justice and the return of the missing students. Today, the scope of this movement has broadened as parents, teachers, students and citizens in Guerrero call out for an election boycott, the resignation of all politicians nationwide and the take-over of municipal governments by its citizens. Voices for autonomy are beginning to echo throughout Guerrero.

This evening, Alberto Benitez will share his experiences and expectations of the Ayotzinapa movement. Many Mexicans have put their hopes for change into the hands of the rebellious people of Guerrero,

but what can we expect from the courageous activists who organise in this deeply violent context? Where are they headed, and, more generally, where is Mexico headed in light of the coming elections in June? This evening we will discuss the possible pathways for Mexico and the lessons to be learned in the aftermath of Ayotzinapa.

Also, the Rooie Rat would like to invite you to join us for dinner. In return for a small donation we will provide you with some nice Mexican food made especially by our volunteers. Dinner starts at18.00, the lecture will start at 19.30. If you want to join please let us know at

Alberto Benitez is an anarchist philosopher at the Autonomous University of Mexico-City and longstanding activist in zapatista and autonomous struggles in Mexico.