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Act for democracy in Brazil


Press Alert: Act for democracy in Brazil

Date: 20/10/2018

Place: Dam Square

Starts at 14h | Ends at 19h

Presidential elections are generating violent debates all over Brazil. Deep rooted social issues are coming to surface in social media through harsh statements against minorities and democracy.

A group of Brazilian citizens are organizing a peaceful act for democracy and peace in Brazil at the Dam Square in Amsterdam. Against the rising wave of fascism and aggression, music and flowers will be brought to the monument to remember the victims of politics or gender related violence.  

International media all over the world has spoken about this new phenomenon and now more than ever we need you all to help us raise awareness of the danger of growing fascism in Brazil and South America represented today by candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

Program follow below:

·         14h/15h – concentration 

·         15h /15h20 – Opening with letter for democracy and against the rising wave of fascism in Brazil. 

·         15h20/16h – group talk

·         16h/16h10 – group picture.

·         16h10/16h30- hommage to the victims of political violence in Brazil Marcelo Godoy sings Geraldo Vandré “Pra não dizer que não falei das flores” , a hymn against dictatorship and opression in the 60’s. Flowers and pictures at the Dam monument.

·         16h30/17h – roda de capoeira with Hommage to mestre Moa do Katendé murdered last week in a political discussion.

·         17h/18h – Music

·         18h/19h-wrap up and cleaning 

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