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Indruk van ’tussenstand’ WTO-top

Het lijkt voorlopig niet zo voorspoedig te gaan met de WTO-onderhandelingen… Hieronder de IATP-blog van vandaag en een greep uit het internationale nieuws over de WTO-top.

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* IATP-blog
24 juli 2008: About last night

The new group of seven key WTO powers
(U.S., European Union, Japan, Australia, Brazil, India and the newly
added member China), met until the early hours of Thursday morning to
see whether they could thrash out a deal to save the Doha Round. The
effort seems so have failed.

Only those that were in the room
actually know what happened; and they are not talking. Rumors
circulating around the WTO suggest that it was a long, hard and
gruelling night. No progress to speak of, just a confirmation that
the differences between the seven members remain wide, and that no
one is prepared to make the next move. The talks could very possibly
collapse tonight.

A statement by WTO Director General
Pascal Lamy (
this morning confirmed that the seven countries "still remain
too far apart," but he has not given up.

– Carin Smaller

* Een
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