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Geneva Update 23 juli: problemen voor Lamy

Door de aanblijvende grote verschillen in standpunten in de Green Room-etting heeft Lamy besloten het anders aan te pakken. Misschien gaat de top wel langer duren dan gepland….

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Geneva Update

July 23 – The green room meetings were suspended yesterday, as deep
divisions among delegations continue. Lamy has now called for smaller groups
of key countries to enter into negotiations on agriculture and NAMA.
Reaction to the new US offer of a $15 billion cap on OTDS has been muted.
Some countries have acknowledged the effort, but most are looking for more
movement. Meanwhile, India and Argentina have taken an increasingly hard
line on NAMA, accusing the chair of violating the Doha mandate.

As a result of the suspension of the green room process, the services
signaling conference, originally planned for Thursday, has now been
postponed until Friday. There is little chance there will be a package ready
for the TNC meeting on Saturday. In fact, some officials are now indicating
the talks could continue for another two weeks. Lamy has said the sharp
differences that remain means he is not able to propose a middle ground text
at this time.