Een verzameling artikelen over de mislukking van Cancun is gebundeld in een reader uitgebracht.

Er is een reader gemaakt met (Engelstalige) teksten over de milsukte WTO-conferentie. De teksten zijn van zeer uiteenlopende afkomst maar hebben gemeenschappelijk dat ze pogen uit te leggen wat de oorzaken zijn van de mislukking. Bovendien zijn veel auteurs tamelijk tevreden met het feit dát het een misbaksel werd. Vandaar de titel, naar, en in memoriam, Ian Dury: Reasons to be cheerful, part 1

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p.3 Cancun failure: Africa showed the way (Devinder Sharma)
p.5 Analysts see precedent for delay in WTO talks, shift in balance of power (International Trade Daily)
p.7 After WTO talks, Gloria tells poor nations: Seize the momentum for fair trade (Marichu Villanueva, Philstar)
p.9 Interview with outgoing AU commissioner for Trade, Industry abd Economic Affairs (Vijay Makhan)
p.12 Turnaround at the WTO: Vitamins for fair trade (CPATH Report)
p.17 Press Release CPE
p.18 A new beginning for WTO after Cancun (Mark Ritchie and Kristin Dawkins)
p.20 Crushed at Cancún (Guy de Jonquières, Financial Times)
p.25 How to begin to think about 'democratic deficit'at the WTO (Rob Howse)
p.26 Four developing countries 'talking on mutual trade' (Guy de Jonquières and David White, Financial Times)
p27 Dinosaurs face up to the law of the jungle (Mike Verdin, Times London)
p.29 Breakdown means no end in sight to Doha round (Larry Elliott and Charlotte Denny, Guardian)
p. 31 WTO-rules of multilateral institutions need review, says Manuel (Linda Ensor, Business day)
p.33 Unions call for world leaders to show political leadership after talks collapse (ICFTU press)
p.35 The snakepit that was Cancun (Priya Ranjan Dash)
p.36 India forsakes WTO in lieu of bilateral free trade AGs (Edward Luce, Financial Times)
p.37 Cancún stand-off a narrow victory for developing countries (Rosea Hamilton, Jamaica Observer)
p.39 We are not for Sale! Jamaica right to walk out of WTO talks, PM says (David Paulin, Observer)
p.41 Kenya's major role in WTO debacle in London (Paul Redfern, The Nation)
p.42 Jaitley's smiling & Lamy has egg on his face as Cancun fails (Bibek Debroy, Financial Express)
p.45 Pascal Lamy's goodbye from Cancun (Pascal Lamy, daily emailupdat)
p.47 Suicide puts face on farmer's plight (Barbara Demick, Los Angeles Times)
p.49 Considering Cancun - One month later (Jean Grossholtz)
p.52 A threat to the rich (George Monbiot, The Guardian)
p.54 Pascal, It's time to get back to basics over world trade (Carl Mortished, London Times)
p.56 WTO conference collapse (PSI world news)
p.57 Wake up call for the WTO (Shefali Sharma, IATP)
p.61 Sierra Club says Cancun collapse was good development for environment (Christopher S. Rugaber, International Trade Daily)p.63 Poorest nations opt out of WTO block (Reuters)
p.67 In Cancun, like in Seattle, the liberalising machine and the neoliberal ambitions of the US/EU were rejected (Paul Dupret, Spectrezine)
p.72 Support for WTO in Congress, private sector wanes after collapse of Cancun trade talks (Gary G. Yerkey, International Trade Daily)
p.75 Tequila sunset in Cancun (Economist)
p.77 Anti-Globalisation: NGO's warn of US trade pact 'threat'(Mukdawan Sakboon, The Nation)
p.78 There is life after Cancun (Walden Bello, Bangkok Post)
p.81 A turning point for world trade? (John Cavanagh and Robin Broad, Baltimore Sun)
p.83 Usefull websites